Vacuum Truck Supply and Repair has the experience to help you grow!

Are you looking to become a vacuum truck operator, driver or part of the crew?

Do you already have a job with a vacuum truck company and need to expand your knowledge?

As with any other utility vehicle, when a vacuum truck is properly operated, safety and efficiency can be achieved.

On the other hand, improper use of this vehicle could result in costly damage to the unit as' well as the possibility of serious injuries.

Now you can have confidence in working on a vacuum truck and the job can be done safely.

The basic course covers topics such as:

  • The different types of equipment on the vehicle
  • The different types of work it can perform
  • Potential hazards
  • How it works
  • Maintenance

Whichever applies, we have various training available both in classroom and internet settings that could be very suitable.









From: Edward Tracy
Emerald Alaska
Scott did a great job for us. He was more than able to answer everyone's questions and was willing to meet our constantly changing schedule the three days he was here. I was really impressed with his knowledge, and the information he prepared for us as part of the classroom training. I got quite a few requests for the charts he put together to help us choose the correct hose and vac unit for each job.
Scott ran each small group through a classroom presentation and ran the vac unit up with our operators at the controls, then went over anything that our operators wanted to know about safety, operation, and maintenance. Our mechanic spent some time with him as well.
I greatly appreciate his efforts and the excellent customer support he has given us.
Best Regards,
Edward Tracy / DOT Compliance Officer
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Accidents Hurt....Safety Doesn't


About Us

Vacuum truck supply and repair (VTSR) cater to various clients specializing in the oil, mining and environmental clean-up industries. We are a small professional organization providing a multi-faceted service. 
We are committed to assisting you with services that include: training on safe operation of vacuum trucks, mechanical and technical support and vacuum truck surveys.
In addition to sound reliable service we also sell or rent new and used vacuum trucks, parts and supplies. We are committed to satisfying our clientele with affordable, confidential, exceptional services while maintaining integrity, loyalty and timely response to your organizational needs.
We service all market sectors including construction, municipal, mining, manufacturing, food processing,and petro-chemical. 

Vacuum Trucks Are Our Business


We extensively train your personnel in the maintenance, repair and operation of your equipment. The courses consist of one or two day training seminars designed to improve communication and knowledge for your operators and technicians.

The courses consist of all periodic maintenance as well as safety and troubleshooting instruction, specific repair procedures and effective operating practices.

·         Vacuum Required To Solid Column Lift  Liquid Of Various Specific Weights.

·         Maximum Achievable Vacuum at Elevation.

 ·        Calculating Loading and Off-loading Time.

We have provided safe operation and mechanical training in the vacuum truck industry for over 20 years on most components.

We have done training in all of North and much of South America and the Arctic regions.

Included in our list of satisfied customers is:  Indequipos Group (an oil & gas energy and industrial services company in South America), British Petroleum, Emerald Alaska, Xtrata Nickel Mining (in the Nunavut), San Diego Gas and Electric, Veolia (in the United States and Canada) Toronto Transit Commission and the Canadian Military, based in Petawawa and Oyu Tolgoi mine Mongolia

We will do training around the world

We specialise in CUSCO units.

        Liquid Vacs

        Power Vac Wet/Dry 1,800 CFM to 5,000 CFM

        Liquid Ring

      Chemical Circulators

     Hydro Trenchers


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 Vacuum Truck Safety Systems.

We also design and supply safety systems for operator safety.

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